senz° de originele stormparaplu

Since 2005, the Senz storm umbrella has captured the whole of the Netherlands through its unique and innovative design. When founder Gerwin Hoogendoorn saw 3 umbrellas break after heavy weather in 2005, he decided to dedicate his graduation project to the perfect umbrella. A storm umbrella that can withstand any type of weather!

Where all the umbrellas always had a round shape in the past, Senz now has its own unique design. The umbrellas have been designed in such a way that they never break or turn over in the event of a major storm.

Senz storm umbrella: unique & stylish

The Senz umbrellas have become a big hit in the Netherlands and the brand has also started to grow internationally. As mentioned before, the Senz storm umbrellas have a unique design. Because of its asymmetrical or aerodynamic shape, the umbrella always adjusts to the best wind position and the Senz practically floats on the wind. This allows the umbrella to withstand wind speeds of up to 100 km / h. With the Senz umbrella you will stay dry even in storms with wind force 10! Furthermore, the umbrella is easy to handle with one hand and it feels feather light.

The design of the umbrella is also impressive. Senz is not only known for its functional storm umbrellas, but it is also very stylish and trendy. A must-have for many fashion lovers. Senz did not win all major design awards without reason. In the first year they immediately won the – red dot design award, iF design award (Gold), IDEA award (Gold), Good Design Award, Observeur Design Award (Star), Dutch Design Award – and many more!

Senz Umbrella

Using a Senz umbrella as a sustainable promotional gift

A Senz umbrella is the ideal gift for business relations and employees. The most important thing of a business gift is that it will not disappear in the closet within a few days. Or even worse, in the trash. Because, be honest, of course you secretly hope that your company logo will be seen for years on the street. Surprising a customer with a nice gift is always good, but sustainability is also an important factor for a successful promotional gift. It must be a gift that people remember, that contributes to brand recognition and at the same time one that is sustainable. We can state that the Senz storm umbrella is a sustainable product. The umbrellas are especially designed to create long-lasting pleasure. This in comparison to the traditional umbrella, which often folds and breaks at the first best gust of wind.
In short, the innovative design, the unique design and the sustainable character of the Senz umbrella will impress you and help build a long-term customer relationship!

So … buy Senz umbrella?

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