Retulp flasks and water bottles –
Dutch, Handy & Reusable

Retulp promotes reuse and combats single use plastic by producing reusable water bottles and flasks. Retulp also provides people in developing countries with clean drinking water. that way you can let someone drink with you. it’s therefore the perfect water bottle for you, for someone else and for the planet!
All Retulp bottles are made from ingredients and materials that are environmentally friendly and bpa-free. The flasks and water bottles are made from durable, 100% recyclable, stainless steel. Even the stainless steel itself is partially made from recycled SST.
a handy and reusable bottle that you can be seen with. Retulp bottles are durable and bpa-free. Drink Happy, cheers!
For every Retulp bottle ‘Made Blue’ donates clean drinking water (content x1000) to developing countries.
waste Prevention is way better than recycling. Use less packaging. Bring your own Retulp: there is no excuse for single use.