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Dopper drinkbeker


The Dopper is the sustainable drinking bottle that will last for years! The story of Dopper began when founder Merijn Everaarts saw a shocking documentary about the enormous amount of plastic waste there is. Merijn was shocked about the amount of plastic that makes it in to our oceans everyday. He felt that he had to do something about this.
Merijn did not only want to create the perfect sustainable drinking bottle, he also had a greater goal in mind: constantly working towards a better world.

Dopper | The bottle is the message

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Senz stormparaplu


Since 2005 the senz° storm umbrellas are conquering the whole of the Netherlands with their unique design and there innovative shape. When founder Gerwin Hoogendoorn saw three umbrellas breaking after heavy weather in 2005, he decided that he was going to devote his graduation project to making the perfect umbrella. A storm umbrella that is able to resist all types of weather!
In the past all umbrellas had a round shape, but now senz° has a unique new design. The umbrellas have been designed in such a way that they will never break or flip over during a big storm.

senz° | love your journey

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Beam is a smart projector that fits in every lamp fitting. It is also a typical Dutch Design brand. You control the Beam projector through the “Beam Remote” app that is available for every Apple and Android smartphone/tablet. Therefore you can project a large screen on every flat background, like a wall, the ceiling or a floor.
The Beam has a unique appearance and it has been crowned with both the prestigious Red Dot as well as the iF Design Awards.

Beam. | Screw it and have fun!

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