The Beam is a smart projector that fits in every lamp fitting and it is also a true Dutch Design brand. It all started with the idea: “What if we can develop a projector that can be screwed into every lamp fitting anywhere in the house?” Everyone started to share ideas about where they would put the Beam in the house and these were almost all different locations. That’s how Beam Labs knew: not only that the projector had to fit every lamp fitting, but that it also had to be able to be placed on a flat surface. Eventually the Beam was introduced to the public after months of preparation in 2015 and has since been awarded with both the prestigious Red Dot and iF Design Awards.


Beam projector

The Beam has a LED projector that has 20,000 projection hours. That means enough projection hours for 10 hours a day for no less than 6 years. The Android computer inside the Beam has 8GB memory storage for example for apps, photo’s, games, etc. Furthermore, it can be easily connected to Wifi and Bluetooth and there are built in stereo speakers. It can also be used very simply as a normal lamp: the LED lamp inside provides the same intensity as a normal light bulb. The Beam gets its power from an E26 / 27 light connection and can also be connected to the mains with the supplied cord and plug.

A own personal solution for everyone

Now that Beam Labs was no longer stuck to standard locations for their projector, one could freely dream of places where they would like to project a screen. There are countless different situations in which it can be used. Everyone makes their own personal solution, instead of the product only serving a predetermined problem. Via Airplay and Miracast you can share photos and videos that you have on your smartphone and / or tablet with your friends and family, but this was not enough. You can set Beam in such a way that he automatically shows something the moment you want it. For example: playing a YouTube video at the moment someone comes home. The Beam can wake you up every morning with the latest news and your agenda. You control Beam via the “Beam Remote” app that is available for every Apple and Android smartphone / tablet. The Beam can be placed in countless different places, every place you can think of. Use the Beam in the kitchen to help you make that delicious dish or project it on the dining table to play games with friends. In short, the Beam is there for every situation and can be used on any flat background!
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