The gadget of the year! The Screwmagnet, a super strong magnet that can be attached to your pant pocket, belt or anywhere else with its clip. An ideal aide for your work.

The Screwmagnet is an invention of the founders of Qblades. During construction work the use of a magnet was quite handy. This idea was further developed, resulting in the “Screwmagnet”.

ScrewMagnet | Work smart, go magnet


When founder Gerwin Hoogendoorn witnessed three umbrellas succumb to heavy weather, he decided to devote his graduation project to the construction of the perfect umbrella. Since 2005, the storm umbrellas have become extremely popular.

Umbrellas used to always have a round shape, but now senz° has a unique new design. The umbrellas are designed in such a way that they will never break or flip over during a big storm.

senz° | love your journey


Retulp bottles aim to stimulate reusability. In addition, Retulp provides clean drinking water for people in developing countries.

Refill to fulfill: a beautiful convenient bottle for yourself, clean drinking water for another, and you help save the planet. The brand Retulp is visibly recognizable by the logo that consists of two water drops in the shape of a Dutch tulip. The Netherlands is a country of water and that is why we – like many other Dutch people – feel connected to water. We are a nation par excellence that can fulfill an exemplary role in making the seas and oceans plastic-free.

Ruduce I Reuse I Retulp


The Pulltap is the most used bottle opener in the catering industry.

The bottle opener characteristics include: an ergonomic chassis made of metal, a retractable spiral with anti-friction coating of “Teflon®”, which eases the sliding into all types of cork or synthetic plugs.

The spiral is designed with the ideal angle of approach and has a built-in decapsulator for the opening soft drink bottles. Double nickel-plated lever, which guarantees the vertical extraction of the cork.


Pulltaps’s | We manufacture the best Corkscrew


IFC Papillon was founded in 1990. Using the registered company brand name “Papillon” a balanced collection of cleaning products was introduced in the Netherlands. These cleaning products soon achieved an acceptable market share.

IFC Papillon is truly a sublimation mat specialist. They produce animal placemats, yoga mats and super soft Pan Protectors, among other things.

The material is made from Polyester and Recycled PET bottles. Production takes place in Europe.

Papillon strives to design innovative products and it follows the latest trends.

Papillon | Specialist in Sublimation Mats


The Lifehammer story began in 1982 in Germany when Helmut Lechner got trapped in his car after an accident. His car was upside down, his seatbelt was stuck and he couldn’t open his window or door. The only thing he could do was wait for the emergency services to help him get out of his car. Luckily, he was rescued in time.

Shortly after this terrifying experience he decided to develop a tool that would enable people to escape from their car after an accident. He invented the first safety hammer in the world and called it the Lifehammer. Lifehammer develops high quality car safety products. They focus their efforts on finding the important details. The result? Useful simplicity in a complex situation. That’s why they are the No 1 car safety experts.

Lifehammer | Saves lives


In 1851 Hendrik Berk was commissioned to design milk churns, pots, pans and cooking utensils in Kampen (BK). BK is a pioneer when it comes to clever applications and high-quality technology. Quality and ease of use go hand in hand with design and innovation.

During its centenary in 1951 BK received the Royal predicate from Queen Juliana. A unique occasion and exceptional recognition of BK’s dedication to manufacture and supply the best cooking products. BK makes prize-winning pan ranges like the Solutions line.

By Easy Orange


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